Our Story


Initially I wanted to create a product that I could never find in store or online. I have always felt like the fashion market has never really appealed and catered to my taste in clothes. I always found it difficult to find the right fit and struggled to find clothes that suited my body type; and when I did find something I liked, there was never a wide range of options to choose from. The idea of creating my own version of clothes was envisioned a long time ago so that people like me can now find clothes that they aren’t just going to settle for, but instead love. ~ Peter Tsimas ~


 Our mission


Our mission is to provide products that allow people to express their sense of style, individuality and to stand out from the crowd. We aim to be a designer lifestyle brand that is both sustainable and innovative in our local fashion industry.


Peter Tsimas is a personal trainer and online coach who established PT Menswear in 2021; a brand designed in Melbourne, Australia.